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Power BI First Sample with maps

Power BI First Sample with maps

The last post, we see how to install power bi application desktop, now we will create our Power BI First Sample with maps.

In this case, we are using a csv file, you can download some csv sample file from the web.

So first we need enter our credentials

here is my csv file

Now click in “Get Data”,select “Text/CSV” and search your csv file.

After that you can edit the formatting of the columns, in my case the formatting is correct so just click “Load”

Now can see in the right sidebar our data model loaded.

So we need to choose the kind of graphic we will use, in this sample maps.

First click on the graphic for selecting them, like this

Then we need to select the fields that we want.

In this sample, I want to represent the profit by city, so I select “city” field for the location and “profit” field for representing the size of the profits.

Now you can see the data on the map!

In the next post, we will review the different options for customizing the dashboards.

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