Power BI

Getting started with Power BI Desktop

First steps with power BI.

In this article, i want to show you how to download and install power BI desktop.

Why Power Bi?

Power BI is a powerful tool for creating beautiful and interactive dashboards with minimum effort. This tool provides many kinds of data connectors and gives you the ability to clean, transform and mash up your data in a few clicks.

  1. Download desktop application from  https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/Power Bi Desktop
  2. Click “Download Free”
  3. Once the downlaod is finished, double click in PBIDesktop_x64.msi
  4. Power BI Installation
  5. Then click Next
  6. After finish installation open the application and you will see this
  7. finishInstallation
  8. So now you need to enter your credentials or create them.

In the next post we will start to create our first Dashboard.

Enjoy it!

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